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Founder, Managing Director

Josh works to ensure everything in the company runs smoothly, from the smallest details to the largest projects. An entrepreneur and passionate creative, Josh Winrow founded WinMore Productions after seeing other creators struggle to make an income or forced to go on different paths. He wanted to help both clients and creators come together so that everyone benefits.

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Creative Director

Known for her strengths in illustration & typographic layouts, Ariel Adels is behind WinMore Productions’ design work. She collaborates closely with clients and teammates, using her curiosity and energy to develop bold concepts that stand out from the competition. She has experience in digital & print media, including logos, brochures, collateral, web design, & social posts.

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Film Technician

Dylan McGowan shows adept skill in videography, camerawork, audio, gaffing, & post-production. He loves coming up with ideas and seeing them come to life, with the magic of video editing. Ultimately, Dylan finds his zest in life by working side by side with his colleagues while also creating his own projects on the side.

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Film Technician

As a versatile film technician, Jermaine Ayala brings skill in photography, videography, camerawork, gaffing, and post-production where he balances creative & production work. He dreams of someday leaving a mark in the film industry and feels like doing anything in the film and entertainment industry is his destiny.

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Our goal was to start a business where we could do what we love most - bring concepts to life. No matter what, we put our whole heart into everything we do, ensuring you receive the highest quality deliverables at a budget-friendly price. 

Everyone Wins More.

Do more. Be more. Win more.